Saturday, December 22, 2007

Getting Started

Well this is a blog to simply gather all my thoughts together in one place. What I am reading, thinking and doing. A place for me to keep ideas in one place and to share with others the meandering paths my mind and life may take. I hope any of you reading this find my life more interesting than my dog does since all he seems to want to do is sleep throught it. Waiting for food, treats and or those magic words " want to go to bed now?"

Right now I am reading the companion book to the movie "What the Bleep". I am trying to make some serious changes in my life and I believe by setting my intentions I can make those changes. Changes in my place of residence, prosperity, occupation etc.... I really loved this movie and have found the book to be quite helpful. I did find the first half of the book a little redundant but it did help create the right mind set for the second half where the real information of creating our lives is given. So far one of the most interesting things that has happened is that in the book they talk about our emotional addictions and how they keep us creating the same patterns in our lives over and over again. One of mine was quite obvious to me, my "pain" story. Other than that at first came to mind but when I posed the question to myself, BAM there it was I am addicted to taking responsibility for others, other people, other things. Like things at work for example. It was literally a voice inside my head that I heard telling me this. And it certainly felt right in it's assertion. Well this is all for now, life is calling.